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Consternation for hitman attack in which a four-year-old girl died

A four-year-old girl and a man were murdered as a result of a hitman attack that took place this Friday in the El Rodeo neighborhood of Villavicencio, Colombia.

A hitman camouflaged in a dress from a cleaning company in the city

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The hitman chased him and hit him several times with his firearm, as did the four-year-old girl who was on the route that the victim and perpetrator traveled.

A video and the versions of the neighbors who witnessed the hit man attack indicate that the hit man was picked up by the motorcyclist who had left him at the scene.

Likewise, another man who acted as a ‘bell ringer’, when following up on the person against whom the attack was carried out, was also near the site and was picked up by another motorcyclist.

Once the case was known, the mayor of Villavicencio, Felipe Harmanrepudiated the case and announced a reward of twenty million pesos to capture those responsible for the assassination attack.

In the same sense, the commander of the Metropolitan Police of Villavicencio, the Colonel Ricardo Sánchez who pointed out that there is already a team of investigators from the Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Police investigating the case.

Source: Elcomercio

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