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Tension in China: hundreds protest at Beijing Tsinghua University over COVID restrictions

Hundreds of students from the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing demonstrated on Sunday against the anti-covid policy of the government of Chinaaccording to an eyewitness interviewed by AFP and images posted on social media.

The protest It was consecutive to another rally held on Saturday night on another campus, the one at the Peking Universityand several similar manifestations in Shanghai and other cities of China against the country’s draconian sanitary measures.

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“At 11:30 [03H30 GMT], several students began to unfurl banners at the entrance of the canteen. Then more and more people joined. Currently there are between 200 and 300 people”, said a student who participated in the protest interviewed by AFP.

Students protesting against China’s zero covid policy at Tsinghua University in Beijing. (AFPTV / AFP). (-/)

The witness recounted that a student brandished a Blank sheet –a gesture that became a symbolic protest against censorship in China— and other women joined her.

“We sang the anthem and the Internationale and we shouted ‘freedom will triumph’, ‘no to tests’, ‘we want food’, ‘no to confinement, we want freedom’”added the witness.

Videos posted on social media showed a crowd outside the university dining hall, gathered around a speaker.

“This is not a normal life, we are fed up. Our lives were not like this before,” the speaker cried.

Another video, apparently filmed at the same location, showed students chanting “Democracy and rule of law, free speech!” but it was quickly removed from the internet.

The deputy secretary of the Communist Party of the college he was talking to the students when many began to leave, the witness told AFP.

Police were not yet present at the scene, he added.

Source: Elcomercio

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