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Indonesia: the tourist paradise that denies homosexuals (and even tries to exorcise them)

Indonesia It is known for its paradisiacal beaches, such as those of Bali, Benoa and Kuta. However, in that same country of turquoise waters, there are customs and laws that are used to criminalize homosexuality, and that reach unsuspected limits.

For example, the case of two soldiers locals who, for having relationships, were sentenced to seven months in prison. As if that weren’t enough, its supposed”inappropriate behavior” was also sanctioned with his expulsion of the military institution.

According to AFP, “Although homosexuality is prohibited for the armed forces, it is legal for civilians in the world’s most populous Muslim country, except for the conservative province of Aceh.”.

However, there is evidence that this position is not limited to the military sphere.

The Peruvian who lost his life

On August 11 of this year, Rodrigo Ventocilla he died while in the custody of the Bali tourist police. According to the BBC, the transgender activist He was detained at the airport because he allegedly “suspicious items were found in his luggage and he was arrested for alleged possession of drugs”.

His family, however, denounced that it was “racial discrimination and transphobia“Because, as is remembered, Ventocilla was traveling with her husband Sebastian Marallanowho “who arrived on a different flight and was also detained when he tried to assist[lo]”.

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry He contacted the consulate of the other country and maintained that the problems arose as a result of the fact that in his luggage they found “objects containing traces of cannabis, as well as various products made with said substance”.

The version can be questioned with a brief review of recent history.

persecution and mistreatment

Around 2018, “El País” headlined: “Indonesia is increasingly dangerous for homosexuals”. Then it was debated Parliament amend the penal code to “criminalize gay and premarital sex”. “The government’s idea is that if same-sex relationships are criminalized, radicals will stop persecuting them and attacks against the community will stop increasing.”, the outlet warned.

And I add:

Homosexuality is prosecuted by law in only one Indonesian province, although the social attack against LGBT people is taking place throughout the country. In Aceh, a strict version of the islamic law (sharia) and sexual relations between homosexuals can be penalized with physical punishment”.

Like the two homosexuals who were flogged 85 times that year.

Around 2020, “El País” also highlighted that Indonesia was about to legalize rehabilitation treatments for gays and transgenders. One of them would be exorcism.

Not to mention the case Kristen Grayan American digital nomad who saw in Bali A paradise. In 2021, she posted on Twitter that the island tolerated gays, so was deported fordisseminate disturbing information to the community”.

He was wrong. In September 2020, notes Deutsche Welle, 9 men were arrested for “organizing a gay sex party on charges of violating various laws against pornography and obscene acts”.

About, International Amnesty wrote:

In Indonesia, people LGBTI They are often subjected to harassment, intimidation, criminalization and even murder just because of their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. In recent years, acts of intimidation, aggression and discrimination against LGBTI persons in Indonesia have increased after several authorities made inaccurate or misleading statements on the basis of “defending public morals and the public security of the country’”.

Source: Elcomercio

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