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The 56-year-old Chilean who took the university entrance exam with one of her grandchildren

‘It’s never too late’ is one of the most repeated vital mottos but one that costs more to apply. When you reach a certain age, you are lazy or lack the strength to start something again. This is not the case of Aida Fuentes, a resident of Santiago de Chili, who at 56 years old dared to take the university admission exam that allows Chilean students to choose the careers they are going to pursue. This is the unique story of him who has become viral on social networks.

The woman who went viral appeared on the program Contigo en la Mañana, from Chilevisión, and recounted that It was the first time that he had taken the Higher Education Admission Test (PAES) for the year 2023. This exam corresponds to the new test that will replace the Transition Test (PDT) taken during the years 2021 and 2022 and that came to leave behind the University Selection Test (PSU).

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Aida prepared with teachers and revealed that she was not nervous about the result. “I want to be a school inspector and classroom assistant (…) Last year I did it online and this year I finished fourth grade. I graduated very well”, he recounted.

Her fundamental pillar was her family, who encouraged her to study and follow her dreams. “My husband and my children. My grandchildren especially, because I have a competition with one who is now taking the PAES”, he counted. “The support of children, grandchildren, is the most important thing that can happen to youA person”, he added.

And it is that Aida he took the exam together with one of his grandchildrensomething that means a lot to her. In addition, she said that her family filled her with messages of support before taking the difficult test.

“It’s super entertaining. new experience (…) I didn’t prepare so much, I don’t need so much score (…) I’m good at reading and everything”, said the woman.

When she made up her mind to finish high school, she didn’t want to stop. It was thus that at the point of effort he managed to apply for the admission exam. “you have to give it no morewith everything, until God says“, said.

Now Aida hopes to meet in person with colleagues with whom he studied secondary school remotely. “We graduated together. And we lack the main thing, which is dinner together”, he indicated.

Source: Elcomercio

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