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Gustavo Petro announces that young people detained in the social protest in Colombia will be peace managers

The Colombian President, Gustavo Petrowhen speaking this Saturday afternoon in the Dialogue with the Presidents of Community Action Boards, in Pasto, spoke about the situation of young people who are detained for the excesses carried out during the so-called social protest that took place in the country in the government of Iván Duque.

Petro He said that the right to protest is a democratic right, that the right to express oneself, to mobilize, is a democratic right, and that governments that order the police to kill, torture and imprison young people “are not democratic governments.”

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Referring to the coliseum in which the meeting took place, he said that in 2021 they passed there “hundreds of youngsters” arrested who had participated in the protests, for which, he assured, the place had to be “re-dignified”.

After pointing out that his is the government of change, he announced “that hundreds of young people arrested for participating in protests will be declared peace managers before Christmas Eve in Colombia”.

The expectation is centered on the fact that by being declared peace managers, detainees could regain their freedom.

For this reason, he announced that “This government does not side with youth, social and activist leaders who simply expressed themselves by keeping them imprisoned in Colombian jails when they they have the right to spend their Christmas with their families”.

Since the same presidential campaign, Petro He has insisted on the need for people arrested after the protests to regain their freedom.

Source: Elcomercio

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