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The coronavirus “spreads rapidly” in China after the relaxation of the measures

The contagions of coronavirus covid-19 “spread rapidly” in Chinawarned a reputable government epidemiologist adviser on Sunday, following Beijing’s decision to abandon its “zero covid” policy.

Chinese health authorities announced on Wednesday a general easing of restrictions anticovidafter the historic demonstrations against the measures, and also as a strategy to relaunch the second world economy.

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With the end of systematic and large-scale PCR tests and the possibility of isolating at home in mild and asymptomatic cases, the country is registering maximum numbers of infections.

“Currently, the epidemic in China (…) spreads rapidlyand in these circumstances, whatever the strength of prevention or control, it will be difficult to completely cut the chain of transmission” of the virus, alerted Zhong Nanshanone of the main health experts advising the government since the start of the pandemic, in an interview with state media published on Sunday.

“The current subvariants of omicron (…) they are very contagious,” he added. “One person can transmit it to 22 people,” she said.

The country is facing a wave of infections for which it is ill-preparedwith millions of older people still not fully vaccinated and hospitals without the capacity to accommodate so many patients.

In Beijing on Sunday, long lines formed in front of pharmacies to stock anti-fever medicines and antigen tests.

“I’m afraid to go out” said Liu Cheng, a mother of two who lives in the center of the Chinese capital. “Many” of her friends have symptoms or have tested positive, she added.

Source: Elcomercio

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