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US Supreme Court temporarily blocks withdrawal of Title 42

The Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked an order that would end COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions for asylum seekers in USAbut left open the possibility of lifting the restrictions on Wednesday.

Chief Justice John Roberts issued his order at a time when conservative states are trying to keep in place limits on asylum seekers that were put in place early in the pandemic. They filed an appeal with the Supreme Court in a last-minute attempt before the measure expires.

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In the one-page order, Roberts granted a stay until further notice and asked the government to respond no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday, just hours before the deadline for the restrictions to expire. .

Roberts’ order means the high-profile case that has drawn intense scrutiny will be settled at the last minute.

The administration of then-President Donald Trump implemented immigration restrictions, known as Title 42, in March 2020, which have prevented hundreds of thousands of migrants from seeking asylum in the United States in recent years. But within hours of the expiration of the measure, thousands more migrants have packed shelters in Mexican border cities.

Immigration activists filed a lawsuit in order to stop using Title 42 to limit who can request asylum, ensuring that the measure goes against US and international obligations with people who flee to the United States to escape persecution. In addition, they have argued that access to vaccines and treatments against COVID-19 has made the restriction obsolete.

States with conservative governments have argued that withdrawing Title 42 will cause an increase in migrants in their states and will affect government services, such as health and police services. They also ensure that the federal government does not have a plan to deal with the increase in migrants.

Source: Elcomercio

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