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Young man died defending his girlfriend from being sexually abused: he was 19 years old

Keylor Elí Gamboa Muñoz, 19, was killed by an assailant while trying to defend his girlfriend. According to relatives, the thief tried to abuse the young woman. The event occurred in the Pinto neighborhood, in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, in Costa Rica.

“Apparently he tried to abuse the girlfriend (the assailant) so we want justice for that”Jorge Gamboa, the young man’s uncle, told local media.

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His relatives remember him as a well-mannered and studious young man, without bad behavior.

Just last week, Keylor received his bachelor’s degree and his mother graduated as an accounting clerk.. The family insists that he was a studious young man like those close to him.

The local media reported that both Keylor and his girlfriend were at a bus stop when the thief arrived. The neighbors heard screams but the number of cars parked in the middle of the street made it impossible to see what was happening.

”The couple, apparently, returned from the Zapote festivities that began this Sunday, where they also celebrated the academic victories they had obtained. The attack occurred at 12:45 am this Monday.” La Teja reports.

The authorities found the suspect; it is a subject of last name Cepeda34, who was injured in the chest as a result of a struggle with keylorwho died of a stab in the neck. This subject is in police custody at the Calderón Guardia hospital.

With information from La Teja

Source: Elcomercio

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