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The mysterious death of a Russian oligarch and deputy critical of Putin: he fell out of a hotel window in India

the police of the India investigates the death of Pavel Antov, a wealthy Russian deputy who allegedly criticized the war in Ukraineand his companion in a luxury hotel, the authorities announced this Tuesday.

the body of pavel antov65, was found in a pool of blood on Saturday outside the place where he was staying in the eastern state of Odisha, where he was enjoying a holiday with three other Russian citizens.

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antov He died two days after one of his companions, Vladimir Bidenovwas found unconscious after allegedly suffering a heart attack in the same hotel.

At the moment it seems that Antov accidentally fell from the hotel terrace”, The regional police chief, Rajesh Pandit, told AFP.

“Probably disturbed by the death of his friend, he went to the terrace of the hotel and possibly fell from there,” added.

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Antov, who represented Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, was a member of a regional parliament 150 kilometers east of Moscow since 2018.

Before entering politics, he founded a food processing company and in 2019 the Russian edition of Forbes magazine ranked him the richest of all parliamentarians and senior officials in the country.

In June, Russian media published a WhatsApp message that they attributed to antovin which he described a Kremlin bombardment against Ukraine of “terrorism”.

The deputy denied the accusations and insisted that he supported Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine.

“All possible leads are being checked” in connection with the deaths of two Russian citizens, regional police chief Rajesh Pandit said.

According to the agent, Bidenov’s cardiac arrest could have been caused by alcohol consumption and a possible overdose.

The police officer stated that antov and his friends visited various villages before reaching the hotel located in the city of Rayagada.

Police said they were reviewing security camera footage, questioning hotel staff and awaiting detailed autopsy reports. He also questioned the two other Russians in the group and two local travel agents who accompanied them.

Source: Elcomercio

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