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Belarus claims it shot down a Ukrainian missile on its territory

belarusan ally of Moscow, claimed Thursday to have shot down a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile on its territory, hours after the announcement of “massive” attacks by Russia in Ukraine.

This Thursday is the first incident of this type reported by Minsk since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine more than ten months ago, and in which Belarus serves as a rear guard for Russian forces.

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The missile was shot down in the morning by Belarusian anti-aircraft defense systems near the town of Gorbaja, in the Brest region (southwest), bordering Ukraine.said the Belarusian Ministry of Defense in a statement.

“It was preliminarily established that the remains belong to an anti-aircraft missile S-300 launched from Ukrainian territory.” the statement said.

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According to the Ministry of Defence, President Alexandr Lukashenko was informed “immediately” of the incident.

A Telegram account close to the authorities, taken up by the state agency Belta, released images of missile fragments in a field.

The authorities did not immediately report material damage or injuries.

In November, a missile strike in a Polish village killed two people and raised fears that the NATO was drawn into the conflict Ukrainesince Poland belongs to the Atlantic Alliance.

Ukraine accused Russiabut the Western powers and Moscow pointed out that the missile in question was a projectile from a Ukrainian air defense system, which deviated from its trajectory.

Source: Elcomercio

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