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Japan arms with US help to stop China’s advance

USA Y Japan they are concerned about what they consider a “unprecedented strategic challenge” of China. In response, they announced a security and defense agreement involving their presence in space and the modernization of their military alliance.

For him Sinologist Marco Carrascothis decision is, in effect, a reply to the explicit manifestation of China to protect what, for them, is theirs. Specifically, to the military exercises that Beijing develops and that shows that its objective is to consolidate its policy of a single china and the consequent annexation of taiwan.

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Since USA the answer is thought from a scenario called indopacificnot Pacific Asia. By presenting it that way, you can include your other ally, India. It is within this framework that they want to perpetuate their hegemony in the region.”, explains the specialist.

Is the US position exaggerated? No. Carrasco proposes an example: recently, Papua New Guinea cut business ties with taiwan, a decision praised by China. It seems like a minor fact, but “reveals how Beijing has gained support and commercial rapprochement with other countries”. “This may be minor news, but the fact that it is replicated puts everyone on alert. USA and forces him to take action”.

As well as Papua New Guinea, in December 2021, Nicaragua it severed relations with Taiwan, confiscated its assets and handed them over to China.

And the country without an army?

The modernization of the alliance between USA Y Japan it also applies to his presence in space. According to Carrasco, this responds to the spying capacity of satellites and their possible military uses. “Currently, some of China and the US are capable of detecting ballistic missiles, but they are not much of a threat. The issue is what they could do in the future”.

But perhaps the most notable change is the modifications to the Japanese defense doctrine.. “Since the end of the WWII, Japan cannot count on a traditionally understood army. However, it does have self-defense forces that have been operating since the mid-1950s.″.

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Added to this is the fact that, in mid-December of last year, the Japanese government approved changes that “for the first time include acquiring the ability to attack enemy bases in the event of a threat to national security”. just as he writes Deutsche Wellethe main novelty, called in the documents ‘counter-attack ability’stipulates that Japan must have the military means to reach objectives in enemy territory within the minimum necessary measures of self-defense”.

In that line, Japan will allocate up to 2% of its GDP to the defense budgetand will buy “weapons such as long-range and hypersonic cruise missiles, among other new assets”.

All of this happens, points out Carrasco, while USA maintains several military bases deployed in southern Japan, in the okinawan regionvery close to taiwan. The AFP agency confirms that “more than half of Washington’s 50,000 troopsThey wait in that area.

This change in its policy has to do with the desire of the US to guarantee its hegemony. The limitation to have its own army was established in the post-war context. Today, the scenario is different”, concludes the specialist.

Source: Elcomercio

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