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Ephemeris of January 13: What happened in the world on a day like today

On January 13, but in 1970, the Biafra separatist forces sign the surrender to the central government of Nigeria, ending the civil war that began in 1967 and caused nearly a million deaths and a terrible famine.

Other ephemeris:

1750.- Treaty of Madrid, signed by Spain and Portugal to define the boundaries between their respective colonies in South America.

1898.- the french writer Emile Zola publishes his famous article “J’Accuse” (I accuse) in the newspaper L’Aurore.

LOOK: Japan arms itself with the help of the United States to stop the advance of China

1908.- The Frenchman Henri Farman achieves a flight of a thousand meters with a biplanein a closed circuit.

1915.- An earthquake destroys the city of Avezzano (Italy) and causes the death of more than 30,000 people.

1927.- Discovery of the holographic testament of Hernán Cortés.

1930.- Walt Disney publishes the First Mickey Mouse comic strip.

1955.- The Nicaraguan President, Anastasio Somoza challenges the president of Costa Rica, José Figueres, to resolve the dispute between the two countries through a pistol duel.

1969.- The Beatles release the album “Yellow Submarine”.

1970.- The separatist forces of Biafra sign the surrender to the central government of Nigeria, thus ending the civil war that began in 1967 and caused close to a million deaths and a terrible famine.

1973.- Eleven aviation officers are executed in Morocco involved in an attack against King Hassan II of Morocco.

1992.- Published the constitution of Mongoliawhich establishes parliamentary democracy and universal suffrage.

1993.- Agreement in Paris for the prohibition of chemical weapons.

2001.- In El Salvador, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake causes more than 800 deaths and half a million victims.

2004.- The Special Summit of the Americas ends in Monterrey (Mexico) with the signing of the Declaration of Nuevo Leon.

2011.- More than 500 people die from torrential rains that hit the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro.

2012.- The Italian cruise ship “Costa Concordia” sank off the Italian island of Giglio causing 32 deaths.

2016.- The Chilean Alejandro Aravena wins the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

2019.- Julen Roselló, a 2-year-old boy, falls into a well in Totalán (Málaga). His corpse was rescued 13 days later, after an impressive engineering job.

2021.- In Estonia, the Prime Minister, Jüri Ratas, resigns for a case of corruption in his party.

2022.- Queen Elizabeth II withdraws military titles from Prince Andrew after the scandal over his alleged involvement in a case of sexual abuse.


1900.- Gertrude CoxAmerican statistic.

1919.-Robert StackAmerican actor.

1924.- Roland PetitFrench dancer and choreographer.

1927.- Sydney BrennerSouth African biologist.

1935.- Marcos AguinisArgentine writer.

1938.- Gregorio Peces-BarbaSpanish professor and politician.

1947.- Carlos RexachSpanish footballer.

1958.- Paco BuyoSpanish footballer.

1966.- Patrick DempseyAmerican actor.

1970.- Marco PantaniItalian cyclist.

1973.- Juan Diego FlórezPeruvian tenor.

1977.- Orlando BloomBritish actor.

1984.- Raif BadawiSaudi blogger and human rights defender.

1990.-Liam HemsworthAustralian actor.

1997.- Egan Bernal, Colombian cyclist.


1691.-George FoxEnglish mystic, founder of the religious community of Quakers.

1854.- José Fructuoso Riveramilitary and first constitutional president of Uruguay.

1941.-James JoyceIrish writer.

2004.- Harold Shipmanknown as “doctor death”, a British doctor accused of killing at least 218 patients.

2006.- Raúl AnguianoMexican painter.

2007.-Michael BreckerAmerican saxophonist.

2009.- Nancy Bird-WaltonAustralian aviation pioneer.

2010.- Teddy PendergrassAmerican soul singer.

2015.- Isabel Rosado MoralesPuerto Rican independentist.

2017.- Horacio GuaranyArgentine singer and composer.

2020.- Jaime Humberto HermosilloMexican filmmaker.

Source: Elcomercio

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