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Ukraine needs more weapons to repel Russia: why are they taking so long to arrive?

The letters were delivered to several of the presidents who met on Tuesday the 17th at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland). Signed by the President of UkraineVolodymyr Zelensky, but delivered by his first lady, Olena Zelenska, the letters call for unity to stop the invasion russian and come up with theformula for peace”. Or, in good romance, weapons.

It is a request that is repeated from time to time since the kremlin started his invasion kyiv in February of last year. And he is not afraid to make it reach the whole world. In April 2022, Zelensky addressed Parliament South Korean and, after supporting the request for months, in December, he traveled to Washington to meet him United States’s president, Joe Bidenapparently for the same reasons. His argument on all visits: “We just need more weapons to secure all of this. Our allies have them […] Being direct: to end the war we need heavy weapons”.

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The ones you already received Ukraine They did the trick, but they were also affected by constant use. For example, for September of last year, the Panzer Haubitze 2000 Germans -”an armored, self-propelled artillery piece”, according to Deutsche Welle – were worn out. Spare parts are also vital.

For him security specialist and coordinator of the World Political Analysis Laboratory Rubens de S. Duarteit’s clear that “Without the help of the Europeans and the United States, Ukraine would not have the resources to deal with Russia”. In this sense, your support is essential to avoid the victory of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Perhaps that is why it is so difficult for Ukrainians to hear so many promises that do not materialize.

In this regard, Duarte opines: “Their allies are delaying in handing them over because they have internal affairs to deal with. They face significant economic, political and social problems. Many of these inconveniences were aggravated by the war.”.

A good example of these problems is the case of christine lambrechtwho until recently was the defense minister of germany. It is recalled that, before the Russian invasion, she announced the shipment of 5,000 helmets, when what is required is heavy weapons.

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More shipping issues

In June last Gintaras Bagdonasretired Lithuanian colonel and former director of the Energy Security Center of Excellence of the NATOdeclared that if the West did not continue to supply the weapons requested by Ukraine, there would be “a long war of attrition”.

Today, his words resonate.

Duarte thinks: “It depends on what he considered ‘long’. I think that by now the war has lasted more than long enough. What will the Ukrainians think? For them, the war has long since become one of attrition”.

But for the specialist, the reduction of arms shipments to kyiv it does not respond only to the internal problems of countries. It is also a very complex contribution to achieve. He concludes:

Heavy equipment will always be difficult to ship. They rely on complex distribution logistics, as well as secrecy. Yes Russia discover how, when and where Ukraine receives weapons from their allies, they will attack and interfere”.

Source: Elcomercio

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