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Xi Jinping concerned about COVID-19 cases in rural China

the chinese president, Xi Jinpingstated that he is “concerned“due to the situation of the COVID-19 in the rural areas of Chinareported the state press, at a time when millions of people travel to the countryside for the holiday of Lunar New Year.

The ruler also defended his zero covid policy, lifted in December after hitting the economy and sparking protests across the country, and maintained that it had been “the right decision”.

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Xi said he is especially concerned with rural areas and rural people as the country tightened its COVID-19 response measures.″, the state news agency Xinhua said about the calls made by the ruler to local authorities.

He insisted on efforts to improve medical care for those most vulnerable to the virus in rural areasXinhua added.

Epidemic prevention and control entered a new phase and we are still in a period that requires great efforts (…) to address the limitations in epidemic prevention and control in rural areas“, he pointed.

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Transit authorities anticipate more than 2 billion trips will be made in a 40-day period between January and February in China, nearly double last year and 70% of the pre-pandemic level.

Source: Elcomercio

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