Robbie Allen hit the jackpot on a flight to Fiji (Image: Instagram/Robbie Allen)

A man traveling from Sydney to Fiji was surprised to find he was the only passenger aboard the “ghost flight”.

Robbie Allen filmed the bizarre experience and said it was like being put on a “private jet” for his upcoming birthday.

A “ghost flight” is a normal route flown at less than 10% of its capacity – a common occurrence during the pandemic.

“I was literally the only person on the whole plane,” he said in a TikTok video.

“The captain sat down next to me and talked to me. Then the staff gave me what I wanted.”

He then showed him a tray of snacks that the flight attendant had prepared for him, accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine.


It was scary at first but then amazing, wish I hadn’t already paid for business class ????????‍♂️???? (don’t judge my terrible tik tok skills lol) #virginaustralia @Virgin Australia #fypシ #fiji #fyp #zyxcba #sydney #fijitiktok #australia #maori #avgeek #aviation

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Australian shocked to discover he was on 'ghost flight'

The plane was almost empty except for one passenger (Photo: TikTok/robbieallen)

“I had already booked business class, but otherwise I would have gotten it for free,” he said.

“It was such a weird and strange experience, something I will never forget.”

He also showed his suitcase, which was only in the trunk.

“I was the only person on the plane, so it comes naturally,” he said.

Robbie wrote in the comments that only 27 passengers were expected on the return flight.

Hundreds of people said the empty flight would make their dream come true.

Kayla Jae commented, “I would freak out at the empty gate because I thought I had the wrong gate,” and Tia Denise commented, “As an introvert…I want that…really….”