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Iranian intelligence warns the European Union over its measures against the Revolutionary Guards

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence warned this Sunday that the right to reciprocity is preserved in the event that the European Union perform any act contrary to the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a statement, the aforementioned ministry declared “your full solidarity” with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps What “main pillar of the country’s defense forces” and condemned the process begun by the European Parliament to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist, which he described as “a useless, rash and reckless action”.

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The Ministry of Intelligence and the Intelligence Community of Iran, as a legitimate right, consider reciprocal measures in case of any act contrary to the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, the statement highlights.

It also points out that, according to information from the ministry, the first stage of this process by the European Parliament What was the approval of the resolution?was carried out under the influence of terrorist pressure groups”.

Elsewhere, the note indicates that Western countries, with the preparation of “These useless and symbolic measures try to give an artificial breath to the failed and strange project of chaos and disorder.”, in reference to the protests that have begun since last September in Iran and in which Tehran accuses the West and “outer enemies” from being behind them.

With these illusions, not only will they fail to achieve their interventionist objectives in the interior of the country, but, at a broader level, their regional interventionist policies will also face a definitive failure.”, underlines the statement.

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The European Parliament last week approved a resolution calling on the Council of the European Union to consider the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its subsidiary forces, such as the Basij paramilitary militia and the Quds Force.

The European Parliament also asked to sanction the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khameneiand to the president Ebrahim Raisialong with their families, in addition to punishing the attorney general, Mohamad Jafar Montazerias responsible for the repression of the protests.

European diplomatic sources have assured that the EU will avoid designating the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, but in the session to be held tomorrow it will sanction some thirty Iranian citizens for the regime’s repression of the protests.

The mobilizations began last September due to the death of a young Kurdish woman named Mahsa Aminibut they have evolved and the young people and women who star in them call for the end of the Islamic Republic.

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The Iranian authorities have responded with a strong police repression that has caused almost 500 deaths and nearly 20,000 arrests, according to non-Iran based NGOs.

To this is added the execution of four demonstrators, one of them public, and sentences to the gallows of at least 17 people.

The protests have lost strength significantly after the executions of the four protesters and in recent weeks there have hardly been any mobilizations on the streets of the Persian country.

Source: Elcomercio

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