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DJ Valentina Trespalacios would have been hanged and then put in a suitcase

Although the definitive cause of death of the young Valentina Trespalacios will be determined by Legal Medicine of Colombiain the first reports from the authorities there is evidence of what could have happened to the DJ whose body was found in the west of Bogotá.

The first official report of the case indicates that the body of the young woman presents ‘pressure groove in hyoid region’, which, according to experts consulted, seen in cases of hanging.

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According to the first examination carried out by the first investigators of the case, the young woman’s body did not present any other visible wounds, other than the one observed on her neck. The initial report indicates that it is a homicide. and for establishing the mechanism used to kill her.

It was learned that the uniformed officers arrived at the woman’s body after a street inhabitant identified as Jorge Enrique Flores Chaparro to notify the authorities and described the exact location of the suitcase in which the victim was found.

On site, in addition to the body of the 21-year-old, a box was found that would contain other personal items of the victim, who has no criminal or disciplinary record.

Among the belongings was a technology student card in international trade and business from UNINPAHU University, and now that information is verified with the educational center.

Cameras and tracking in Migration

Investigators have already located several security cameras that are located around the site and with a court order have begun to recover the videos, which will give more clarity about what happened.

Likewise, neighborhood work was carried out to collect information from possible witnesses to what happened. The street inhabitant who found the body has already been formally heard by those in charge of the case.

Also, Colombia Migration seeks to determine if the victim’s boyfriend, a United States citizen, left the country.

According to the first versions, the young woman went out to a party with her North American fiancé -with whom she had been dating for nearly a year- on Friday and Saturday, so his relatives believe that his partner would be the main suspect.

According to Carlos Trespalacios, a relative of the victim who was in dialogue with Blue Radio, the young woman’s partner arrived from the United States last week and now it does not appearwhich seems very strange, since they had known each other for more than a year and had many plans.

“She was approximately four years into the DJ career. She had done very well, she had a very promising future, so much so that she hung out all over the country, in the best nightclubs. I also went to many parts of South America: Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru”, Trespalacios said to the aforementioned media outlet.

Source: Elcomercio

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