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Maduro celebrates “landslide victory” over opposition led by Juan Guaidó

The agent of VenezuelaNicolás Maduro, celebrated this Monday the “crushing victory” of his government over the opposition Juan Guaidó, who lost the support of a broad sector of anti-Chavismo that supported him on January 23, 2019, when he proclaimed himself “president in charge”, a role which he maintained until, at the end of 2022, the same group withdrew its confidence, eliminating the “interim presidency”, which had also received favor from the United States.

“Every January 23 from today will be to commemorate the victory of the people of Venezuela against Yankee imperialism and its defeated coup,” said the president when addressing supporters of Chavismo who marched in Caracas to show support for his government. and in rejection of the sanctions imposed by the United States.

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Ripe He asked his followers to “value the overwhelming victory that pulverized the Guaidó right in Venezuela,” and reiterated that Guaidó’s self-proclamation as “interim president” had the backing of the United States government and Donald Trump, who was then president of that nation.

At the end of December, a total of 72 of the 112 former deputies who supported Guaidó’s self-proclamation four years ago as “president in charge” approved the removal of “interim government”with which the country’s assets abroad were managed.

About, Maduro insisted that the anti-Chavista leader “is made of cosmic dust” and that, on the other hand, Chavismo remains “persevering, consistent, more united than ever, mobilized, standing up and victorious.”

On the other hand, the president called on his followers to “remain permanently mobilized” against the sanctions imposed by the United States.

“Now we are going for them, we are going for the sanctions, we are going for the blockade and we have only one destination, the people in the streets conquering,” he asserted.

Source: Elcomercio

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