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New video shows Valentina Trespalacios being picked up by her American boyfriend

This Monday the body of the DJ was found Valentina Trespalacios inside a suitcase, in a garbage container in the Los Cámbulos neighborhood, in the town of Fontibón in Bogotá.

According to the preliminary report of Legal Medicinethe young woman would have died for hanging. Meanwhile, his relatives try to find the whereabouts of john poulosa US with whom he was in a relationship.

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Nevertheless, The 35-year-old man has not communicated with the family and deleted several profiles from his social networks. EL TIEMPO exclusively established that he arranged a last-minute trip out of Colombia.

Now, The Trespalacios family has released a new video in which the young woman is seen with her partner when she was making her move.

The victim’s mother, in conversation with Arriba Bogotá, from CityTv, pointed out that the video It comes from one of the security cameras in the complex where the young woman lived.

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In it the DJ is seen leaving with her personal belongings and taking them to a gray car that Poulos would be driving.

“When I get off work and call my daughter because I didn’t go with her to pick up her things, I tell her: ‘Daughter, have you moved yet?’ She replied ‘yes, mommy. I already collected my things, I’m going here in the car with John’. There she sends me the greeting (a video). She was very happy, very happy to start a new life with this man because she had excited her ”, pointed out the young woman’s mother.

Police offer reward for information

The commander of the Bogota Metropolitan PoliceGeneral Carlos Triana, announced a reward of 20 million pesos for whoever contributes information that leads the authorities to find the whereabouts of the person(s) responsible for the murder of the young woman Dj Valentina Trespalacios who appeared lifeless in a garbage dump in the town of fontibon.

“Through a special group made up of the Metropolitan Police and in coordination with the General Prosecutor’s Office, with a group of criminal investigators who will be in charge of looking for material elements of evidence and information to establish who is responsible for the death of this young woman who was found abandoned in a sector of the town of Fontibón”, said General Triana.

Source: Elcomercio

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