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War in Ukraine: Pierre de Gaulle, grandson of a general and embarrassing voice of Moscow

“On behalf of the de Gaulle family” Pierre de Gaulle thanks the Russian Embassy for the invitation on June 14 on the occasion of Russia’s national holiday. The grandson of General de Gaulle, who was previously a modest 59-year-old business strategy adviser in Geneva, talks about the war in Ukraine. “Today, everyone recognizes the responsibility of the United States in the current conflict, the fatal role of NATO, which is constantly expanding, and the reckless policy of the Ukrainian government. (…) The West, unfortunately, allowed Zelensky, his oligarchs and neo-Nazi military groups to get entangled in the spiral of war,” regrets the youngest of the four sons of Admiral Philippe de Gaulle, taking the opportunity to remind that “Putin is the great leader of his country.”

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Source: Le Parisien

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