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The surprising discoveries in the hideouts of the capo Matteo Messina Denaro

They were 30 years of secrets, a fugitive from justice and persecuted by the Italian authorities. After being arrested on January 16 of this year 2023, these were the objects found from Matteo Messina Denarothe last and most powerful boss of the Sicilian mafia.

On January 16 he was captured Matteo Messina Denarothe most powerful Sicilian mafioso in Italy and Spain, in a private health clinic in Palermo, Italy. In recent years he led the list of the 10 most wanted fugitives by the FBI, according to police reports.

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Until now, Italian police have found at least three hideouts in Campobello di Mazara of the Cosa Nostra boss, in which different objects have been found that, apparently, were of great value to Matteo Messina Denaro.

One of the most curious discoveries in their hiding places was a poster of the actor Marlon Brandon, who played Vito Corleone in the saga of ‘The Godfather’Well, according to what a source told the ‘Daily Mail’ medium, Denaro idolizes said film success because it is a mirror that reflects what his life has been like within malice.

It should be noted that this trilogy of ‘The Godfather’ tells the story of ‘Vito Corleone’, the capo who was the most respected in New York City. In the other two films, the story turns to the life of his children and how they take over their father’s business.

However, this was not the only poster pasted on his wall. According to said medium, there was another one from the ‘Joker’ movie, as well as viagra, condoms, fine and expensive designer suits, lotions and boxes of cash.

In the same way, a newspaper was found in which the capo wrote all kinds of information on matters of national politics. He also wrote down personal details, such as the rejection of his daughter, whom he has never met, according to what could be read.

On the other hand, a folder was found with different finances that said mobster handled. In this, there were accounts of at least 100,000 euros (more than 494 million Colombian pesos at the current exchange rate) for all his luxurious expenses, according to information from the EFE agency.

After this first hiding place, on January 18 the Italian Police found a second discovery: a house where Denaro would have lived. It was located at 34 Maggiore Toselli street, one kilometer from the first one where the poster and the finance folder were found. There, they discovered a room hidden behind a closet in which there were jewels and a number of precious stones, according to different Italian media.

Those two houses were not the only ones. In the province of Trapani, a third cache was found, only, unlike the first two, it was empty. However, according to police reports, he lived there until June 2022 and, without knowing the reasons yet, he decided to move.

Until now, no more information has been released about the discoveries in the different hideouts of the capo, who is waiting to be sentenced.

Source: Elcomercio

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