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They investigate why the DJ Valentina Trespalacios was followed by a private investigator

Daniel Felipe Trespalacios, brother of the murdered DJ, said that US citizen John Poulos would have hired a private investigator to follow Valentina Trespalacios. This information joins the extensive investigation that is already being carried out after his tragic death and the subsequent appearance of his body in a garbage container in Bogotá, Colombia.

“At first he did not make us suspicious, but when he hired a private investigator to follow her to parties and events everything changed. A message that he sent to his mother on Saturday night is also relevant: mommy, life is not easy, everything has a price.

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That message was not taken seriously by the young woman’s family. That is to say, They thought it was a passing couple issue. “He only told her that the family didn’t need more of her, that she already gave us enough.”

My sister didn’t like jealous people. We knew that your partner was like that. Valentina had many suitors, he was always aware of what they wrote to him, with whom he spoke. That was told to us by his best friend, Silvana. She recommended that he delete the conversations, that he take care of himself, “revealed the brother of threepalaces.

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Laura Hidalgo, mother of the murdered young woman, he suspects that there was some discussion between his daughter and her partner. “He never came across as a bad person. We think he may have hurt her in a jealous rage. My Valentina was a very smiling and happy young woman. He lived in the world of the rumba. I can’t believe her boyfriend had the heart to end my daughter’s life. He lived in the United States and came to marry her, they were going to share together and do the paperwork to get married.”

It was not much that the family of the DJ knew about John. They never fully investigated their activities. They say that this happened because it generated confidence. “He had only shown us the apartment in which he lived, he said that he handled business information for important people, that he was listed on the stock market. She showed us his mom’s photo. We want to know why she did that to my daughter. everything is a mystery”.

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“Days before, my daughter was happy, showing us her new apartment, she asked for her little brother Sebastián, she made a video call,” her mother said. John Poulos and Valentina Trespalacios were dating a year ago. He visited the country on several occasions, they went to various places here in Colombiathey went to restaurants, they traveled together to Mexico City.

By Saturday the 21st, the young woman was still posting statuses on WhatsApp and that gave her family peace of mind. However, on Sunday, January 22, they received the fateful news. She appeared in a garbage container, in Fontibón. A street inhabitant notified the authorities when he came across a tremendous discovery.

Source: Elcomercio

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