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The desperate cry of a man when he found out that the airline lost his dogs

The heartbreaking moment in which a man realizes that the airline has lost his four dogs, with whom he was traveling on the plane, was captured on video and has gone viral on social networks.

Upon hearing the terrible news, the man breaks down in tears. An airline that presumably would be from Istanbul tells him that the dogs did not arrive at their destination and that they could not find them.

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After rebuking the staff, she clutches her head and, between crying and sadness, yells “Where are my dogs? Where are my dogs?” repeatedly. Even, he ends up throwing himself to the floor while crying inconsolably.

Also, the man tells them that the four dogs are his children and are his life, as he desperately moves around the airport looking for help.

After several seconds screaming and before the astonished gaze of several of those who move through the place, he ends up crying inconsolably on the ground, with open arms, while still asking about their pets.

So far there is no pronunciation of the airline and the clip continues to make the rounds on social networks.

Source: Elcomercio

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