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Facebook and Instagram lift sanctions on Trump: how does it impact their electoral intentions?

On June 4, 2021, Goal -the company that brings together Facebook and Instagram- determined that it would not eliminate the accounts of the former president of USA donald trump, but would suspend them for two years. This week, as announced by the corporation, the punishment would be about to expire. In a statement, it explained that the decision responds to the fact that the “serious risk to public safety” that was experienced after the assault on the Capitol has decreased and, therefore, Trump’s credentials will be active again “In the next weeks”.

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Meta explains that while he understands the importance of exchanging ideas and the need for citizens to listen to their leaders, Trump exceeded the limits of “what people can say” on your platform when praising “people involved in violence”. “Democracy is messy and people should be able to make their voices heard. We believe it is necessary and possible to draw a line between content that is harmful and should be removed, and content that, however unpleasant or inaccurate, is part of the hectic life of a free society.“, held Nick Clegg, your President of Global Affairs.

What will happen if Trump goes back to his old ways? Clegg explained that the recidivism of the former president, as well as that of other people “related to civil unrest”, will be penalized more severely. Depending on the severity, the content and account will be deleted within one month to two years.

As you remember, donald trump was also punished for Twitter -which recently lifted the sanction-, so he decided to create his own social network. Since TruthSocial He defended himself against these suspensions, arguing that no person should suffer the same.

The Chilean portal “Bio Bio” points out that its link with said platform supposes exclusivity, and that is why it has not published anything else than in that space. However, said agreement is renewed in June of this year.

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Will you accept the invitation?

For him internationalist Octavio Pescadorthe decision of Goal could be seen as a commercial and political victory for donald trump. The first responds to the symbolism of lifting a sanction: Facebook and instagram they see value in reinstating him and that is why they open their doors to him. The second has to do with the possibility of using the data from the platform -as it did before Cambridge Analytics– To follow the conservative nuclei and disseminate information during the pre-electoral campaign process.

At the moment he is the only Republican contender. No one else has formalized his intention, both for budget reasons and because no one wants to be overwhelmed by Trump. Nevertheless, TruthSocial it does not permeate the length and breadth of all communication structures in the country. Facebook if it does. Ending your account suspension is like giving heavy tanks to Ukraine [para su guerra contra Rusia]an arsenal with which he can subdue anyone who opposes his new presidential run”.

Pescador believes that, for the moment, Trump will avoid giving more details on the matter. “But I have no doubt that he will use these media for long-term personal business purposes, to redeem himself, damage control and rebuild his brand; and for specific political purposes”.

Will it be blocked again? The analyst based in Los Angeles (USA) recalls that “until there was no violence, and a commercial and universal wave to condemn him, they did not remove him from social networks”. Sharing false information – such as that which suggests that United States elections of 2020 were fraudulent- would appear to be valid. Is that the line you shouldn’t cross?

Before he was expelled, there were already precedents for statements inciting violence and condoning violence. But there were no consequences. In any case, I think that now he is not going to expose himself, at least not until the elections. He can now capitalize on the opportunity to reach all audiences, so he won’t make the same mistake.”.

Source: Elcomercio

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