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They bury two children who were murdered in southern Mexico

Relatives and schoolmates buried Perla, 9 years old, and Wilbert Daniel, 6 years old, the two Mexican children who appeared murdered in the south of the country, on the highway of the spinalon the Isthmus of Tehuantepecof the state oaxaca.

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The father of both minors, who lived in a marginal area of ​​the municipality of Juchitan de Zaragozahas been detained as a suspect in the alleged infanticide since he went to the place to identify the bodies of his children.

The Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office determined that the two victims, who did child labor, died in a different place than where their bodies were found and that the cause of death was suffocation.

It was also established that there was no report from the relatives when both children disappeared from their home, where the mother has not lived for three years.

An altar with candles was placed inside the house for the children to receive the rite of post mortem baptism.

Before the funeral procession left, family and friends called for justice.

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“We asked for justice for Daniel and Perlita, they did not owe anyone, they were loving children, only someone without a heart, without mercy, could have taken their lives, they did not deserve that,” said a neighbor who preferred not to be identified.

The procession toured the main streets of Juchitán led by the students of the “Saúl Martínez” school, where Perla and Wilbert studied the fourth and first grades of primary school.

As a sign of mourning, the students dressed in white and carried flowers and white balloons in their hands.

The children’s teacher did the last roll call where all the children responded when they heard the names of their murdered classmates.

The children were buried in the Palm Sunday cemetery with their belongings, such as clothes, toys and shoes, according to the Zapotec indigenous belief in the region.

At the time of burying them, relatives and schoolmates shouted “justice, justice.”

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The governor of Oaxaca, Salomón Jara, specified hours before that the children were allegedly hanged and that there is another line of investigation related to family problems with another group of people.

“What the Prosecutor’s Office tells us is that they were hanged and that was the way it was a murder”indicated the president.

It is being investigated, an investigation is being carried out and those who were guilty of this are going to be arrested, there can be no impunity”, promised.

The governor revealed that, presumably, the parents “They were threatened and told that they were going to punish them where it hurt the most.”

The crime reflects the wave of violence in Mexico, where the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico reported that during the past year 1,605 people under 17 years of age, 426 women and 1,265 men, were murdered in Mexico.

Source: Elcomercio

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