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Ephemeris of February 24: What happened in the world on a day like today?

In a February 24thbut from 1891, the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of Brazil is promulgated, which marks the transition from the monarchy to the republic.

Other ephemeris:

1221.- The construction of the Torre del Oro is completedone of the most emblematic buildings of Sevilleconsidered a historical-artistic monument.

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1582.- He Gregorian calendar is established by Pope Gregory XIII to replace the Julian in countries with Catholic influence, although it is currently the most used in the world.

1848.- Louis Philippe I of France abdicates and goes into exile because of the liberal Revolution and becomes the last French monarch.

1849.- The Panamanian newspaper “The Star of Panama”.

1895.- The Cuban uprising led by Jose Marti against Spanish power, called the “Baire’s cry” in homage to the first place where the rebels took up arms to achieve independence.

1905.- The Simplon railway tunnel in the Alps is inauguratedthe longest in the world at the time, connecting Italy and Swiss.

1912.- Two Italian warships sink eight ships of the Ottoman fleet At the port of Beirut to ensure access to Suez Canal.

1918.- He Salvation Committee of the National Council proclaims in Tallinn the independence of Estonia.

1920.- Adolph Hitler presents in Munich the 25 points of the program of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

1938.- US Laboratories DuPontinventors of nylon, They make the first toothbrush. made with the synthetic fiber.

[1945- Egyptian head of government Ahmer Maher Pasha is killed in the Parliament.

1946.- The colonel Juan Domingo Peron win the presidential Argentina.

1966.- A coup led by General joseph ankrah overthrows the leader of independence and president of Ghana, kwame nkrumah.

1975.- british rock band Led Zeppelin release their sixth album, Physical Graffitithe first with his own label.

1976.- enters into force socialist constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

2008.- The general Raul Castro is elected president of Cuba instead of his brother Fidel.

2009.- WhatsApp is launcheda messaging application for smartphones through Internet.

2011.- The American Space Shuttle Discovery makes its last flight.

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2019.- the summit of Vatican on sexual abuse scandals, announces that it will take cases that arise in the Church to court, but the victims are not satisfied due to the lack of concrete measures.

2020.- American film producer Harvey Weinstein found guilty of third degree rape and first degree sexual offense.

2021.- The US announces its return to the UN Human Rights Councilafter three years of absence.

2022.- Russia invades Ukraine from all sides and approaches kyiv.


1500.- Carlos I of Spain and V of Germanyemperor.

1832.- John Clement ZeneaCuban poet and journalist.

1837.- Rosalia de CastroSpanish poet.

1863.- Franz vonStuckGerman sculptor.

1909.- august derlethAmerican writer

1922.- richard hamiltonBritish painter.

1929.- louis carandellSpanish journalist and chronicler.

1934.- Bettino CraxiItalian socialist politician.

1938.- Phil KnightAmerican businessman, founder of the sports brand Nike.

1943.- Pablo MilanesCuban singer-songwriter.

1944.- ivica racanCroatian politician.

1955.- Steve JobsAmerican businessman, founder of Apple technology.

1969.- Alexander GonzalezAmerican drummer for the Mexican band Maná.

1971.- Pedro Martinez de la RosaSpanish motorist pilot.

1973.- Martha JuliaMexican actress.

1977.- Alberto Valdivia BaselliPeruvian writer.

1980.- Anton MaidenSwedish singer.

1981.- Lleyton HewittAustralian tennis player.

1987.- Mayuko IwasaJapanese actress and model.

1989.- Daniel KaluyaBritish actor and model.

1992.- Oleksiy ShevchenkoUkrainian footballer.

1994.- Earl SweatshirtAmerican rap musician.

2000.- Antony Matheus dos SantosBrazilian football player.


1468.- Johann GutenbergGerman printer, inventor of the printing press.

1695.- Johann Ambrosius BachGerman musician, father of Johann Sebastian Bach.

1815.- robert fultonAmerican engineer, inventor of the steam engine.

1911.- Jules Joseph LefebvreFrench painter.

1929.- andre messagerFrench conductor and composer.

1948.- Alfredo BaldomirUruguayan military and politician.

1960.- Antonio Vallejo-NageraSpanish psychiatrist.

1964.- Alexander ArchipenkoRussian-born American sculptor.

1967.- Franz WaxmannGerman composer.

1973.- Manolo CaracolSpanish flamenco singer.

1978.- soul thomasAmerican expressionist painter

1990.- Malcolm Forbesbillionaire American publisher.

1991.- Hector RialSpanish-Argentine soccer player.

1993.- Bobby MooreBritish footballer.

1994.- Jean SablonFrench singer.

2004.- Antonio Garrigues Díaz-CañabateSpanish politician.

2006.- Dennis WeaverAmerican actor.

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2007.- Bruce BennettAmerican actor and singer.

2014.- Harold RamisAmerican actor and film director.

2020.- Katherine JohnsonAmerican mathematician, key figure in the arrival of man on the moon.

Source: Elcomercio

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