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Ex-soldier killed two thieves who entered his house and murdered his son

Dismayed are the inhabitants of the Comuneros neighborhood of Cúcuta, Colombiaafter learning of the tragic death of a 20-year-old man who was murdered by two thieves who entered the house to steal his belongings.

The incident occurred at two in the morning on Wednesday, when two men forced the front door of the house and they surprised the father of the family, who had military training, and forced him to hand over valuables and a firearm.

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However, the ex-soldier refused to hand over his weapon, which triggered the anger of the robbers, who went to another room where Juan Sebastián López Ardila was sleeping. In the midst of the merriment and adrenaline of the moment, the young man tried to struggling with one of the robbers, which caused the offender to shoot him and leave him seriously injured.

Upon hearing the shot and taking advantage of an oversight, the ex-soldier took out his firearm and murdered the thieves inside his own home.

The Cúcuta Metropolitan Police (Mecuc) arrived at the scene, who coordinated the transfer of the young man to the nearest care center, where they could not save his life.

“The owner of the house makes legitimate use of his firearm, who injures the two criminals and in this fact his son is also injured, who dies in the hospital,” explained Colonel Carlos García, commander (e) of the Mecuc.

The University of Pamplona mourned the death of the young university student, who I was a student in the Physiotherapy program.The authorities are advancing in the investigation to identify the two robbers and establish if they were part of a criminal gang that operates in the Juan Atalaya citadel that operates in communes 7 and 8 of Cúcuta.

Source: Elcomercio

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