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Zelensky visits troops defending Bakhmut

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskytoday visited the troops of the Ukrainian armed forces defending the city of bakhmutin the region of Donestk east of Ukraineas announced by the Office of the President.

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“I have the honor to be here today, in the east of our state, in Donbas, and to honor our heroes”Zelensky said, addressing the troops, in a video of the visit distributed by the presidential administration.

“Thank you for protecting our state, our sovereignty and eastern Ukraine”Zelensky added in his address to his troops during the meeting, which, as can be seen in the video, took place inside an industrial warehouse.

Zelensky received information on the situation in the area, where the hardest fighting has been taking place on the entire front for months, and observed a minute’s silence with the soldiers for all those who died in the defense of this Ukrainian municipality that Russia is trying to take over. the desperate one since the summer.

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The Ukrainian president also hugged and posed for photographs with the soldiers, from whom he received a signed flag of the battalion of which they are a part.

On his trip to eastern Ukraine, Zelensky also visited the hospital where soldiers defending Bakhmut are treated. The president decorated military and wounded doctors right there, whom he thanked “for protecting Ukraine” and wished “a speedy recovery.”

According to a statement from the presidency, Zelensky was interested in the treatment they receive at the hospital, which has a surgery section and an intensive care section.

The Ukrainian leader stressed the importance of the work of the military doctors and thanked them for “healing the boys and girls who are at the front”.

Source: Elcomercio

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