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Colombian Prosecutor’s Office investigates burning of cats in Santa Marta and asks for help from the community

The Attorney General’s Office Colombia had a specialized team from the Special Group for the Fight against Animal Abuse (Gelma) to clarify the death of at least 20 cats that were in a wooden house located in the vicinity of the old Santa Marta sports center and that was cremated at night on March 21.

”This is an attack against the entire Samaria community, what happens to an animal today tomorrow can happen to a child, a woman, or an elderly person, we have to close ranks to prevent this type of interrelated violence,” the entity said in a statement.

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Witnesses to the facts indicate that the shelter had been built to provide shelter to more than 50 cats who live in that sector and who are homeless. The residents of the area assure that they carried out maintenance on the shelter and fed these animals.

The Prosecutor’s Office is looking for possible witnesses to the events and “ordered the extraction of video surveillance material from the neighbors and areas surrounding the sports center.” In the same way, he made an invitation to report to the local authorities to prevent this type of behavior.

For her part, Liliana Corredor, an animal defender, said that similar acts had already been presented a few months ago. She mentioned that more cats had already been poisoned and some were even killed by hitting stones on their heads.

Source: Elcomercio

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