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‘No crime, no misdemeanor’: Trump dismisses accusations against former porn actress

Neither “crime” nor “misdemeanor”: Under threat of indictment, Donald Trump pleaded not guilty on Saturday during his first campaign rally in the presidential election, held in a highly symbolic venue, the Texas city of Waco, a theater there 30 years after the deadly attack on sect opposed to the federal government.

The former US president says he has been threatening imminent arrest in New York for more than a week over a payout case against porn actress Stormy Daniels shortly before her 2016 victory.

Justice is seeking to determine whether Trump is guilty of misrepresentation, misrepresentation, or violating campaign finance laws, a felony by paying money to this pornographic film actress.

“Attorney of New York, under the auspices and direction of ministry of injustice in Washington, DC, investigating a case that is neither a crime nor a misdemeanor,” he told thousands of supporters gathered under the Texas sun.

“A shocking abuse of power”

The city of Waco, with a population of 130,000, is still associated with the anti-government sect of David. In the spring of 1993, peace was suspended for 51 days by an FBI siege of a ranch in which armed followers of guru David Koresh had dug in. Seventy-six members of the sect, including 20 children, were found dead after a ranch fire. Four policemen were also killed.

The former president, also under threat of an investigation into his pressure in Georgia’s 2020 election and control of the White House’s secret archives, regularly poses as a victim of the mysterious “shadow state.”

A spectacular FBI raid on his Florida residence? “A shocking abuse of power.” Two infamous congressional impeachments against him? “Witch-hunt”.

Returning to his base during the Waco meeting, Donald Trump also resumed his favorite exercise. Scenes of the former president throwing little dance steps or throwing his famous red caps into the crowd have now become iconic among his followers. In the Texas city, some of his fans were stomping around Friday night, apparently unconcerned about their idol’s legal issues.

“He is the leader and he will save America”

“Everything is distorted to create a bad image of him,” Kelly Heath, 49, told AFP, seeing it as an attempt to “silence him.” Julie, who is originally from Tyler, Texas, for her part says that the Stormy Daniels case is “not a very serious matter. She came out of nowhere to see how much money she could get from Donald Trump. “It’s a lie. He is the boss and he is going to save America,” adds Sherry, 55.

First of all, this meeting offers the Republican an opportunity to breathe new life into his campaign, which at the moment does not have the expected momentum, even if most polls give him a victory in the primaries. The billionaire, who against all odds continues to propagate alleged “scams” ​​that were never proven in the 2020 election, has also witnessed a section of the right – and especially their wealthy donors – turn to the right’s new champion, hardline Ron DeSantis. 44.

The Florida governor is not yet officially in the race, but is sure to be one of his top contenders for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Source: Le Parisien

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