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Ukraine receives new heavy tanks from Germany and UK

Germany and United Kingdom handed over to Ukraine Western-made heavy tanks that should bolster kyiv’s troops’ ability to repel invading forces from Russiaauthorities said on Monday.

These tanks, on the wish list of kyiv have long been compromised by Western countries this year and arrive in time for the long-awaited offensive of Ukraine in the boreal spring.

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In parallel with the reinforcement of the Ukrainian arsenal, Russia clings to the plan of its president, Vladimir Putinto deploy tactical nuclear weapons in belarusMoscow’s ally in northern Ukraine, despite criticism.

The head of the German government, Olaf Schölztold reporters on Monday that they had supplied Leopard battle tanks “very modern” to kyiv. The Ministry of Defense later indicated that 18 units were sent.

Our tanks have reached the hands of our Ukrainian friends as promised and on time”, said the defense minister, Boris Pistoriusit’s a statement.

In addition, kyiv also received challenger tanks of United Kingdomsaid a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The head of this department, Oleksiy Reznikovpreviously said that he had inspected a “new incorporation” to his arsenal, made up of these tanks, German infantry fighting vehicles marder and American armored vehicles stryker and Cougar.

A year ago, no one would have thought that the support of our partners would be so strong.”, Reznikov said on Facebook.

deployment of nuclear weapons

In Moscow, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskovsaid that Western criticism of Putin’s announcement about the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus “cannot influence Russia’s plans”.

In a televised interview two days earlier, Putin said that they were going to plant tactical nuclear weapons “without violating” their “international agreements on nuclear non-proliferation”.

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The threat of a nuclear disaster has loomed over this conflict for a year, especially around the Ukrainian central Zaporizhzhyacontrolled by the Russians from the initial stages of the war.

During a visit by the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossithe ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskysaid that it was not possible to guarantee security around that nuclear power plant.

Without the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops and personnel from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and its adjacent territory, any initiative to restore nuclear safety is doomed to failure.“, said.

The Argentine Grossi, who is due to visit the plant this week, said that he had met with Zelensky in the city of Zaporizhzhia and that he reiterated “the full support of IAEA to Ukrainian nuclear facilities”.

evacuations at the front

In eastern Ukraine, Russian missiles hit various buildings in Slovianskkilled two people in their cars and injured more than 30, police said.

A bloodstained cap lay on the side of a street, next to a parked vehicle with the front seat stained red and covered in broken glass.

Police said the projectiles were Russian S-300 missiles, theoretically designed for air defense but used by Moscow to carry out ground attacks due to its troops’ alleged lack of ammunition.

In Avdiivkaanother town hit on the front in the eastern region of Donetska Ukrainian official said that municipal workers were being evacuated in the face of advancing Russian forces.

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Avdiivka is looking more and more like a place straight out of post-apocalyptic movies”, said the head of the local military administration, Vitaliy Barabashin social networks.

Therefore, the difficult decision was made to evacuate (…) the municipal workers, who at least tried to maintain the cleanliness and vitality of the city” while they were still there, he added.

Russian forces have been trying to occupy the entire eastern Donetsk region for months, with especially bloody fighting in the town of bakhmutnorth of Avdiivka.

Source: Elcomercio

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