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Ephemeris of March 29: What happened in the world on a day like today?

In a March 29but from 1973, 50 years ago, the last American troops leave Vietnam after ten years of war.


1461.- The Edward of York’s troops win the Battle of Towton to the hosts of the queen daisy during the so-called War of the Roses. As a result of his victory he would accede to the throne of England as Edward IV.

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1540.- First bullfight in Lima. Francisco Pizarroon horseback, spears the second bull.

1549.- Thomé de Souza founds the city of Bahiaone of the oldest Brazil.

1847.- The American General Winfield Scott takes the city of Veracruz (Mexico) after seven days of siege.

1848.- Political murder of the Buenos Aires writer and polemicist Florencio Varela.

1858.- Inauguration of the first section of the first railway that operated in Brazilcalled “Don Pedro II Railway”.

1865.- He Paraguayan government declares war on Argentina in a text that the Argentine Government receives on the following May 3.

1871.- Queen Victoria opens the Royal Albert Hall in Londonone of the most emblematic theaters in the world with capacity for more than 5,000 people.

1890.- signature of berlin conference protocollaying down in Germany Sunday rest.

[1945- Second World War: last day of the German aerial bombardments with V-1 missiles on London.

1971.- a jury of The Angels (California, United States) calls for the death penalty for Charles Manson and three of his followers, for the murders committed in 1971 in Beverly Hills. Finally they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

1981.- The general Roberto Viola replaces General Jorge Videla in the presidency of Argentina.

1983.- The Christian Democrat Helmut Kohl is elected Chancellor of the FRG for the first time. Subsequently, he would accede to the chancellorship three more times, two of them at the head of the reunified germany.

1989.- The short film “Tin Toy” of the studies pixar He wins animation oscar award and becomes the first computer-generated film to win an award from the hollywood academy.

Inauguration of the so-called Louvre Pyramiddesigned by the architect Ieoh Ming Peiwhich gives access to the museum of the same name in Paris.

1999.- Paraguayan former president Raúl Cubas travels to Brazila country that granted him political asylum, while Argentina grants asylum to ex-general linen oviedo.

2001.- The Summit of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas in Ottawa (Canada) brings together indigenous people from all over the Americas to discuss their problems.

2004.- Seven former communist countries –Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia – enter the NATO.

2005.- Brazil announces that it will not renew its agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

2006.- imprisoned in Sierra Leone the former president of Liberia, charles taylordeported from Nigeriato respond to justice for crimes against humanity.

2013.- The Bosnian Serb veteran Veselin Vlahovic is sentenced to 45 years in prison for crimes against humanity.

2014.- He cuban parliament approve a new foreign investment law.

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2016.- Enters into force on Japan the reform that will allow its troops to fight abroad for the first time since the World War II.

2017.- British Prime Minister, Theresa Mayformally presents the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Unionknown as “Brexit”.

2021.- The Special Justice for Peace (JEP) of Colombia rules that the last eight heads of the FARC they bear responsibility for war crimes during the armed conflict.


1878.- Manuel de la ParraMexican poet.

1895.- ernst jungerGerman writer and philosopher.

1902.- William WaltonBritish composer.

1939.- Terence HillItalian actor.

1940.- Astrud GilbertoBrazilian singer.

1943.- John Majorformer British Prime Minister.

Evangelos Odysseas PapathanassiouVangelis”, Greek musician and composer.

1957.- Christopher LambertFrench actor and film producer.


1792.- Gustav IIIKing of Sweden.

1939.- Gerardo Machadoformer Cuban dictator.

1977.- Waldo de los RiosArgentine composer.

1987.- Mary von TrappAustrian writer who inspired the film about the Trapp family in “The Sound of Music.”

1989.- Bernard BlierFrench actor of Argentine origin.

2001.- john lewisAmerican pianist and composer.

2004.- Jose Tiron TeranNicaraguan academic.

2009.- Maurice JarréFrench-American composer.

2011.- robert tearWelsh tenor.

2017.- Juan BanuelosMexican poet.

2019.- Agnes VardaFrench filmmaker.

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2020.- Krzysztof Eugeniusz PendereckiPolish composer and conductor.

2021.- Carlos BusquedArgentine writer.

2022.- Mario MuchnikArgentine editor, writer and photographer.

Source: Elcomercio

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