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The United States believes that the Chinese balloon was able to collect intelligence information

The Chinese balloon that flew over USA at the end of January and which was shot down over the waters of the Atlantic on February 4th he could have collected intelligence information but Washington He pointed out today that the precautions taken prevented them from being valuable data.

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“The measures we put in place certainly limited what China was able to collect”the Pentagon’s deputy press secretary told the media, Sabrina Singh.

The balloon “spy” China flew over several areas of the country for days, such as the state of Mountain (Northwest), where one of the three existing nuclear missile silo fields in the United States is located.

Singh noted that they know that the balloon “could be maneuvered and steered” but did not go into detail about the areas through which he passed: “What we did was take preemptive measures to limit the value of the intelligence it could collect.”held.

The press undersecretary insisted that action was taken to protect the country’s military installations and stressed that what type of information is still being evaluated China could have picked up with that tool.

“But we know that the steps we took provided little additional value to what they have been able to gather with satellites before”said.

The press undersecretary recalled that they began to control that balloon on January 27 and that by then they had already found out that it was linked to China and applied preventive measures. He added not being able to confirm if there was data retransmission in real time from the globe to China.

The finding triggered a bilateral crisis between both countries. Beijing admitted that the balloon belonged to it, but said in its defense that it had been lost and was used for meteorological purposes, not espionage.

Source: Elcomercio

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