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Chile: opposition asks Boric to expel undocumented immigrants and criminalize irregular entry

The opposition in Chili requested on Monday the government of the president gabriel boric drive out of the country immigrants undocumented immigrants and classify irregular entry into Chilean territory as a crime.

During the last years, Chili has received an intense migratory flow that began to decline at the beginning of this year after Boric deployed a military contingent on the Chilean border with Peru and bolivian to stop the arrival of irregular foreigners. According to the government, the figure dropped by 55%.

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diego schalpersecretary general of the center-right National Renewal Party, went to the government headquarters to leave a letter addressed to the president in which he requests that he urgently process a bill that defines illegal immigration as a crime. The initiative is stalled in a commission of deputies.

The opponent added that it is necessary “further punitive action” of the State against clandestine entry.

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In the same line, Jose Antonio Kastformer presidential candidate and leader of the conservative Republican Partyexplained to the press that they demand the appointment of a special minister to coordinate government entities to identify foreigners who do not have the documents to remain in the country and expel them.

He suggested that special residences be created for irregular immigrants “until they are expelled”.

Source: Elcomercio

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