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Three days of Israeli bombardments in Gaza leave at least 29 dead

artillery duels between Loop and Israel They continued this Thursday, for the third consecutive day, with a total balance of 29 deaths, including several children in the enclave Palestinianand one deceased in the Hebrew State.

The eruption of violence, the most important among Loop and Israel since August 2022, began on Tuesday with Israeli attacks against the organization Islamic Jihadconsidered “terrorist” by the Israeli government, the European Union and USA.

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Egypt initiated a mediation effort between Israel and Islamic Jihad, while the European Union called for “an immediate ceasefire ending Israeli military operations in Gaza and the unacceptable firing of rockets into Israel”.

A source close to the Islamist group revealed that it is under discussion in Egypta final formula for a ceasefire”.

However, the Israeli army said shortly before midnight on Thursday that it was continuing its attacks on Islamic Jihad.

for his part USA urged all parties toensure that civilian deaths are prevented and that violence is reduced”, while the secretary general of the UN He reiterated that he was stillwith great concern the dangerous escalation in Gaza and Israel”.

Palestinians react during the burial of the commander of the rocket launch troops of the YIP terrorist organization, Ali Ghali, in Khan Yunis, in southern Gaza, on May 11, 2023. (Photo by Haitham Imad / EFE)

This Thursday a man died in rehovotsouth of Tel Avivand several people were injured after a rocket hit a residential building, police and emergency services reported.

In Gaza, controlled by the Islamist movement Hamashe Ministry of Health reported 29 deaths since Tuesday, including children, and more than 80 injuries.

Islamic Jihad and Islamic State fighters were also killed. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), according to these groups.

AFP journalists witnessed numerous Israeli attacks on Gaza and the firing of rockets into Israeli territory throughout the day.

In the towns adjacent to the Gaza Stripthe warning sirens sounded at regular intervals.

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The army affirms that 25% of the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip fell on this territory, killing four people, including three minors.

The Israeli army claimed to have struck 191 targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including Islamic Jihad rocket launch sites.

“Very dangerous” situation

In it al-shifa hospital from Gaza, suhail al masri32, came to see her son injured in an attack.

Otherwise, I would not have left the house, because the situation is very dangerous.”, he told AFP.

Israel bombards from everywhere and the resistance rocket fire has not stopped”, he added.

For its part, Islamic Jihad said that “Israeli killings will not go unpunished and all options are on the table for the resistance”, while Hamas assured on Thursday that “the resistance is unified”.

Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system fires interceptors at rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, at Ashkelon in southern Israel.  Thursday, May 11, 2023. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov).

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system fires interceptors at rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, at Ashkelon in southern Israel. Thursday, May 11, 2023. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov).

Iran, which supports Islamic Jihad, denounced the “Zionist atrocities” and promised the “defeat” of the “occupation regime”, according to the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, naser kanani.

This morning we eliminated the person responsible for the Islamic Jihad rocket attacks in Gaza, and an hour ago we eliminated his deputysaid the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in reference to ali ghali and Ahmed Abu Daqqacommanders of the Palestinian organization.

I have said it before: whoever attacks us risks his life and whoever replaces him risks his life”, he said, during a visit to a military base.

The Gaza Strip, a small territory plagued by poverty and unemployment where 2.3 million Palestinians live under the Israeli blockade, has been the scene of several wars with Israel since 2008.

mediation attempts

Mohamed Al Hindihead of Islamic Jihad’s political department, arrived Thursday at Cairoa source from the Palestinian organization told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, an Egyptian source told AFP that a security source from Cairo would arrive in Tel Aviv to discuss the ceasefire with Israeli authorities.

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In the Israeli city of rehovot, Ran Lev82, explained that he was on the fourth floor of a building hit by a rocket.

I heard the siren and realized I had 90 seconds to get to the shelter.“, Explain. “The building was hit” before, but “I went out (…) and everything was fine”.

In August 2022, three days of fighting between Israel and Islamic Jihad left 49 Palestinians dead, including at least 19 children, according to the UN. More than a thousand rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, wounding three people.

Source: Elcomercio

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