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The youtuber who purposely crashed a plane to attract followers

Trevor Jacob, a 29-year-old pilot and YouTuber who crashed a plane on purpose to gain views, pleaded guilty to obstructing an investigation by cleaning up the crash zone, prosecutors said. USA.

Jacob posted in December 2021 on Youtube the video of the alleged accident, which you already have almost 3 million viewsimplying that it had been fortuitous.

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In a plea agreementstated that he recorded the video as part of a product promotion.

The youtuber faces a possible penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

The pilot and skydiver agreed to plead guilty to the crime of destruction and concealment of evidence with the intention of obstructing a federal investigation, the US Department of Justice reported in a statement.

Trevot Jacob filmed himself jumping out of the plane. (TREVOR JACOB).

In November 2021, Jacob left a Santa Barbara, California airport alone on a plane with cameras installed. Also, he brought a parachute and a selfie stick.

“He had no intention of reaching his destination, but planned to eject from his plane during the flight to filming himself parachuting and his plane as it descended and crashed,” the California Central District Attorney’s Office stated.

He Plane crashed in the Los Padres National Forest half an hour after take off. Jacob walked to the location and retrieved the images.

Some YouTube viewers were skeptical of the crash, pointing out that Jacob was already wearing a parachute and did not attempt to land the plane safely.

The youtuber reported the accident to the National Transportation Safety Board, which said it was their responsibility to preserve the remains.

But Jacob said he did not know the location of the place, according to the plea agreement.

Later he returned by helicopter and removed the remains that he later destroyed, according to the youtuber in the statement.

Jacob is expected to appear in court in the coming weeks.

Last year his pilot’s license was withdrawn.

Jacob’s lawyer has not responded to the BBC’s request for comment.

Source: Elcomercio

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