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Spain will propose a feminist agenda in its presidency of the European Union

Spain will develop during the presidency of the European Union who will exercise in the second half of the year a feminist agendawhich she will also promote if she is elected a member of the Human Rights Council of the UN for the period 2025-2027, with the purpose of ensuring equality is consolidated and combating all forms of gender violence.

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The Secretary of State for Equality, angela rodriguezpresented these commitments today in his speech before the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)which examines the IX Periodic Report of Spain in relation to compliance with the international convention that has that purpose.

Rodriguezat the head of the Spanish delegation, highlighted the legislative and institutional advances in favor of equality and stressed that all this is accompanied by a “important budget gamble”.

He argued that the budget allocation that the Spanish Government dedicates to policies aimed at complying with the Convention for the Elimination of Women’s Rights is 20,318 million euros between 2022 and 2025 (term of validity of the Strategic Plan for Equality between Women and Men).

He also noted that the Ministry of Equality The budget allocated to the feminist movement and women’s associations has increased by 1,808% since 2015, the year in which the total contributions amounted to 3.1 million euros, compared to 59 million euros in 2013.

The Secretary of State for Equality also informed the Committee that for the first time it has been recognized in legislation that guarantees sexual freedom the digital sphere, with the criminalization of new crimes related to the non-consensual dissemination of images and the creation of false profiles on social networks for harassment and humiliation.

However, he recognized that it is a space in permanent evolution and that current instruments will have to continue to be adapted to the digital developments and artificial intelligence.

Source: Elcomercio

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