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Russia denounces the “irreversible degradation” of the G7, which “destroys global stability”

the summit of G7 celebrated in hiroshima shows the irreversible degradation of this format, which promotes politicized decisions and dividing lines in the international arena that destroy global stability, denounced today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

He G7 At some point it was a format that coordinated positions on various issues on the international agenda. But now it has irreversibly degraded”, Russian diplomacy said in a statement.

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According to Foreign Affairs, the G7 currently represents “an incubator in which, under the orders of the Anglo-Saxons, destructive initiatives that undermine global stability mature”.

Later, these initiatives, added Moscoware imposed on pro-American supporters in the countries of the NATOthe EU and other satellites Washington”.

The main takeaway (from the G7 summit) is a set of statements replete with hateful anti-Russian and anti-Chinese passages.”, indicated the department headed by Sergei Lavrov.

For this reason, Foreign Affairs added, “once again as a result of the G7 meeting we have politicized decisions aimed at highlighting the dividing lines in international relations”.

Russian diplomacy described as “inconsistent” the claims of the G7 to set itself up as guarantors of financial and economic stability, since it is not capable of “propose anything creative”.

The panic before the objective process of progress towards multipolarity and the destruction of American hegemony, which allowed the West to deplete the world, forces the members of the group to devote more efforts to fanning Russophobic and Sinophobic hysteria.”, argued Foreign Affairs.

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In this sense, he stressed that the G7 is literally obsessed with the confrontation with Russia and it became the command post for sanctions and other elements of the hybrid war against Moscow.

This is the current meaning of the existence of this group. The results of the summit confirm it”,added Russian diplomacy, noting that for this purpose they brought to hiroshima “to the head of the regime of kyiv that they themselves control” to turn the summit into a propaganda show.

Moscow also blamed the G7 for causing the global food and energy crisis with their frenzy of sanctions, as well as undermining the basic principles of the world market economy and international law, to which they turn.”When it suits them”.

In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the attitude of the G7 countries, former colonial or invading powers, which now promote themselves as “champions of the defense of democratic values”.

The rules that the G7 advocates are their own ideology and value system. They serve private interests and not the common interests of the international community. Independent third-country policy is seen by the G7 as a threat to their so-called ‘rules-based order’”, Moscow added.

Russian diplomacy denounced that “Various measures are applied against those who do not submit, from economic coercion and informative aggression to blackmail, threats and military interference.”, of which there are multiple examples in recent decades.

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The G7’s attempts to present themselves as champions of legality and justice at the international level make a mockery of history and common sense.”, he added.

He Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Russian concluded by expressing his conviction that his assessments of the G7 and its destructive actions “are shared by the majority of the international community”.

Source: Elcomercio

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