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Portugal supports Ukraine’s accession to NATO “when conditions allow”

The government of Portugal today supported the accession of Ukraine to the NATO “when conditions allow” and was in favor of “increasing collective pressure” on Russia with more sanctions to “weaken” their ability to continue the war.

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Lisbon stated this position in a joint statement with Ukraine disclosed after a telephone call between the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costaand the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskywhen they are fulfilled 500 days of invasion.

Portugal “will continue to support Ukraine on your way to the future and to become a member of the NATO when conditions permit.”collects the document, which indicates that these issues will be addressed between both countries in the next summit of the alliancethis month in Vilnius.

Regarding his candidacy to join the European Unionthe Portuguese country “strongly supports Ukraine in its reform efforts and in fulfilling the necessary requirements to start negotiations” and wait for apositive report” of the European Comission.

Portugal was in favor of “increase collective pressure on Russia through more sanctions to weaken their ability to continue their illegal war of aggression.”

Efforts should be strengthened to ensure the effective implementation sanctions and to prevent and counter circumvention in and by third countries”, says the joint statement.

The Portuguese country also reiterated its support at the military, economic and humanitarian level with Ukraine.

Portugal it has supported Ukraine, from day one, in exercising its right of defense in this brutal and unjustified war and will continue to support it for as long as necessary. We reaffirm this commitment in the joint declaration“, wrote Antonio Costa on his Twitter profile.

The Portuguese Prime Minister stated that “there were 500 days of war too many”.

Russia must cease immediately and unconditionally this aggression and withdraw their forces with respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukrainehe added.

Source: Elcomercio

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