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Zelensky thanked NATO for its support, although an invitation to join would have been optimal

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskytoday expressed his gratitude to the NATO for the support obtained by his country from its Western allies, although he considered that a “formal invitation” to join the Alliance would have been “optimal.”

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The Ukrainian leader made these statements in an appearance with the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenbergafter holding successive bilateral meetings with various leaders of the member states and before the first meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Councilwhich will be formalized at the Vilnius summit.

Zelensky remembered that Ukraine received last year from Brussels the status of candidate country to enter the European Union (EU), and stated that he would have expected from the NATO an equally concrete signal about the future of his country in the alliance.

The Ukrainian president avoided criticizing the NATO for not having given him guarantees that his country will join the alliance once the war is over Russiaand stressed the importance of the “security guarantees” that he hopes to receive today from the countries of the G7 in the framework of the summit.

Zelensky explained that the signatory countries will be in charge of specific aspects of the security of Ukrainesuch as the protection of your civil population with air defenses.

The Ukrainian leader did not give more specific details in this regard, but said that once these guarantees are signed -to which more countries may join- the military assistance that the various governments lend to Ukraine It will not depend only on our personal relationship”.

Regarding the shipment of new weapons, Zelensky thanked the countries that have announced new aid packages and announced that he will ask the president of USA, Joe Biden, ballistic missiles ATACMS which Ukraine has been requesting for months.

Source: Elcomercio

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