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2-year-old baby in a coma from cocaine intoxication dies in Puerto Rico

The 2-year-old baby who was in a coma in Puerto Rico After suffering cocaine intoxication, he died after losing brain activity, as confirmed this Monday by the director of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps, Captain Luis Díaz.

The official explained that staff from the Pediatric Hospital of the Río Piedras Medical Center certified the death of the baby, who arrived at the institution last Wednesday for a cocaine intoxication.

The relatives allege they do not know how the drug came into contact with the body of the baby, a 2-year-old male.

Díaz did not clarify if charges will be filed today, since as indicated it depends on the Department of Justice.

The boy, who lived with relatives in the Ernesto Ramos Antonini residential area of ​​the Río Piedras district of San Juan, was admitted to the Pediatric Hospital of the Río Piedras Medical Center last Wednesday, where cocaine was detected in his body.

Police officers and the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office interviewed the child’s mother, grandmother and an uncle to clarify the facts.

The Department of the Family took custody of the minor and two other brothers, ages 5 and 7, after the mother failed to provide convincing explanations for the reason for the poisoning.



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