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AMLO sends a letter to Joe Biden to thank him for his immigration policy

AMLO sends a letter to Joe Biden to thank him for his immigration policy

AMLO sends a letter to Joe Biden to thank him for his immigration policy

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorrevealed this Wednesday that he sent a letter to his American counterpart, Joe Bidento recognize and thank the immigration policies that your Government has implemented.

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I just sent a letter to the president Bidenand I acknowledge him for two decisions he has made”, said the president during his morning press conference.

The Mexican ruler said that one of those decisions was to open a legal path for migrants “because it did not exist”, referring to the application CBP One to request asylum and visas for nationals of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Now migrants from sister countries can carry out a procedure and arrive legally in the United States, that did not exist, there was only the possibility, the option, of starting out, running all the risks to reach USA“, he claimed.

The second decision, he stated, is that he has been the only president of USA that “in decades” has not built a wall.

“And much less has he acted as the governor of Texas (the republican greg abbott), which has placed buoys and barbed wire”expressed while insisting that this action is “inhumane and a violation of human rights”.

He also highlighted the good relationship with USAcountry with which your Administration tries to help on the immigration issue “and in all matters.”

However, he said that even though this legal path to reach US territory already exists, there is a lack of a plan to combat poverty in America, since migration “It’s not by choice, it’s by necessity.”

He considered a “moral obligation” that the countries with more economic possibilities help the poor countries to order the migratory flow, “that it does not overflow”.

He affirmed that this can be achieved if there is investment, opportunities and work in Latin America and the Caribbeanbut stressed that the help of the great powers is necessary.

He even recalled that he raised the UN a fund to help poverty in the world and said that this should be one of the tasks of the international organization.

It is one of the reforms that the UN because it is already an ossified organism, well, they have not even paid attention to it or it has taken a strong clear forceful initiative to achieve peace in the war in Russia and Ukraine, they do nothing ”, critical.

The region is experiencing an unprecedented migratory flow with more than 2.76 million undocumented migrants intercepted by USA on the border with Mexico during fiscal year 2022.

For his part, Mexico registered an annual increase of more than 43% in the number of “people in an irregular situation” in the country in the past year, when the authorities detected 444,439 migrants.

Source: Elcomercio

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