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AMLO remembers Hitler when commenting on the triumph of Javier Milei in Argentina

AMLO remembers Hitler when commenting on the triumph of Javier Milei in Argentina

AMLO remembers Hitler when commenting on the triumph of Javier Milei in Argentina

The Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorrecalled this Monday the rise of hitler commenting on the triumph of the far-right javier milei in the primary elections in Argentina, although he clarified that he is not comparing both characters.

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The Mexican ruler explained the rise of Milei, the most voted pre-candidate in Argentina on Sunday, with the economic crisis that the country is experiencing after, according to him, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) “turned its back” on the current Government of Alberto Fernandez.

This precipitated an economic crisis, which of course affected the people of Argentina and produced inflation. Here it is important to remember that, among other things, hitler risesconsolidates as a leader, after an inflation that was suffered before he came to power”, he commented in his daily press conference.

Inflation and economic crises always help the right, conservatism, which is somewhat what is happening in Argentina. I’m not comparing to miley with hitlerfor clarification, I am making a historical reference”, he qualified.

With almost 7 million votes, the libertarian economist, leader of the party Freedom Advancescapitalized on the discontent vote of Argentine society and became the politician with the most votes among the candidates for the Presidency for the elections on October 22.

after the elections PASSED (primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory), with 96.40% of the count completed, Freedom Advances obtained 30.10% support, ahead of the Together for the Change (center-right), which achieved 28.27% of the vote, and the pro-government Unión por la Patria, which added 27.21%.

While the political organizations of the international ultra-right, such as vox in Spain and the followers of the former president Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, have celebrated the triumph of miley, Lopez Obrador He accused the Argentine “conservative” media of favoring his victory.

All the very strong media campaign, they raised this character and that is why it was the result yesterday (Sunday)”, he assured.

He also reiterated his accusation that the IMF sought to benefit the Government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), which later left the debt to Fernández.

“In the case of Argentina The economic crisis has affected them a lot because the right-wing, conservative government of Macri completely indebted the country with the complicity of the International Monetary Fund because they gave him money when Argentina’s ability to pay was exceeded “held.

Still, he acknowledged that the actions of the Fernandez Governmenthis ally, also had an impact on the results.

I say this in a very respectful, affectionate way, because I love the progressive leaders of Argentina very muchthey lacked more decision, they zigzagged too much”, he mentioned.

Source: Elcomercio

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