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Donald Trump called AMLO “Juan Trump”, reveals a former Mexican minister

Donald Trump called AMLO “Juan Trump”, reveals a former Mexican minister

Donald Trump called AMLO “Juan Trump”, reveals a former Mexican minister

The former president of USA donald trump (2017-2021) used to refer to the current president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradoras “Juan Trump” due to the similarities between the two, revealed this Wednesday the former Mexican Secretary of Economy Ildefonso Guajardo.

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Guajardo led the delegation of the Government of Enrique Pena Nieto (2012-2018), together with the then chancellor, Luis Videgaraywhich negotiated with the Trump Administration the new USMCA free trade agreement, talks that lasted even when Lopez Obrador He was already president-elect.

When we used to visit from time to time Washington For the negotiations, President Trump greeted us in his office, Luis videogaray and me, and do you know how he was referring to the current president Andrew? used to ask us How is John Trump?’Guajardo explained in a talk at the ideas center wilson centerin Washington.

According to Guajardo, Trump used this nickname to Lopez Obradorwho won the 2018 elections, because “She looked at him as if he were a mirror”.

The former minister, current international spokesman for the opposition alliance Goes through MexicoI think that Trump and Lopez Obrador they come “from different contexts” but both “they hate the free press”, they have a “polarization strategy” and demand “absolute loyalty to his team” or fire those who question it.

It’s surprising that one apparently comes from the left and the other supposedly comes from the far right, but they are very similar.”, he sentenced Guajardo.

Despite the outbursts of Trump against the Mexicans, the former US president and Lopez Obrador they woven a fluid relationship and have even expressed personal sympathies.

Lopez Obrador gave credibility to the false accusations of electoral fraud made by Trump in 2020 and was one of the last world leaders to then recognize the victory of Joe Biden.

Source: Elcomercio

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