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Seven dead and more than 30 injured after Russian attack on Ukrainian city Chernihiv

Seven dead and more than 30 injured after Russian attack on Ukrainian city Chernihiv

Seven dead and more than 30 injured after Russian attack on Ukrainian city Chernihiv

The number of fatalities from the attack with a Russian Iskander missile on the center of the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv It rose to seven, including a six-year-old girl, while more than thirty people were injured, mostly citizens returning from a religious service.

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The impact of the missile occurred in the heart of that city, between its Drama Theater and the Universityinformed the Minister of the Interior, Ihor Klymenkoaccording to the Ukrinform portal.

It was around noon when the center of that northern city of Ukraine It was especially crowded because it was a holiday, so those affected were citizens who were walking or traveling in their car or on public transport.

Among the injured there are several children, added the minister, who also stressed that those who were in the theater went down to the shelter located inside the building.

To the thirty wounded who were admitted to hospitals up to 50 citizens would be added more than they presented minor injuries and did not require attention from the emergency services, the mayor’s office specified.

In the center of Chernihiv An event on military technologies was being held this Saturday, sources from the mayor’s office also confirmed.

The organizers ensured that they had the corresponding authorization, that it was an event for professionals after registering and verifying their identity, and that it was not a “drone exhibit”contrary to certain information in this sense disseminated on social networks.

Chernihivabout 140 kilometers north of Kiev, has been a city under constant siege by Russian troops since the start of the invasion, although the Ukrainian army managed to contain their attacks and prevent it from falling under enemy control.

The attack this Saturday hit the heart of the city and caused damage to the aforementioned theater, as well as the Universityaccording to the president of the country, Volodymyr Zelenskywho released images shortly after the impact through his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

This is what it means to live near a terrorist statewrote the Ukrainian leader.

Zelensky He released this message shortly after announcing, also by this means, his arrival in Stockholm, for a working visit focused on Swedish military support and with meetings with the Prime Minister, ulf kristerssonand with the king Carlos Gustavoas priority points.

His wife Olenawho accompanies him on that work visit, also expressed his sorrow for the attack through X, where he stressed that what was going to be a festivity became “in a day of pain and human loss”.

Source: Elcomercio

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