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Putin reiterates to Erdogan that, for now, he will not resume the grain agreement

The president of Russia, vladimir putinhe stressed today before his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdoganwhich is not going to resume, for now, the grain agreement because West it continues to block the access of Russian agricultural products and fertilizers to the international market and there is no shortage of food.

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We are not against this agreement, we are willing to take it back immediatelyas soon as the promises are fulfilled” made to Russia to allow the export of its products, reiterated putin in a press conference after three hours of meeting with erdoğan in the spa town of Sochi.

The president again accused West of refusing to remove the sanctions on the grain export and Russian fertilizer, agricultural machinery and spare parts, logistics and freight, insurance and banking services.

This despite the fact that erdoğan had presented him with new proposals prepared together with the UN to reconnect the subsidiary of the Russian agricultural bank to the SWIFT and unlock the frozen assets of Russian companies that produce fertilizers in Europe.

We believe that the missing points must be resolved and the agreement will continue. I am optimistic that we can reach a solution with the new efforts of the UN”, said the Turkish president.

The president reiterated before putin that “there is none sustainable alternativesafe and lasting to the Black Sea Initiative”.

Putin pointed out, however, that Ukraine used the corridor through which it transported its grain through the Black Sea “for attacks terrorists against Russian civilian and military installations” and not for humanitarian purposes.

He held again that West “cheated” Russia about the humanitarian objectives of the agreement, which was to provide assistance to developing countries, stating that, of the 32.8 million tons exported from UkraineMore than 70% went to rich countries, mainly the countries of the European Union (EU) and only 3% to nations that really need food aid”.

The boss of the kremlin indicated that the withdrawal of the agreement by Russiawith an export capacity of 60 million tons of grain this year, “It did not affect world food markets.”

Cereal prices continue to fall. There is no physical shortage of food. There are problems with its fair distribution, yes. But it has nothing to do with the so-called cereal agreement”, he stressed.

Putin pointed out that this is so because “the participation of Ukraine in the world exports of cereals, which before was 5%, remains the same and under current conditions it will decrease”.

The Russian president reiterated that Russia will supply “despite all the obstacles” in the next two or three weeks free grain to the six poorest countries in the world, referring to Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somalia, the Central African Republic and Eritrea.

It also wants to boost the supply of one million tons of Russian cereal at a preferential price for processing in Turkey and its subsequent free transportation to the countries most in need, for which Moscow and Ankara They will have the financial help of Qatar.

erdoğan He announced that he reached an agreement with his Russian counterpart to transform Russian grain into flour and transport it to developing countries.

We do not consider joint work with Türkiye and possibly with Taste (…), as an alternative to the grain agreement, but, of course, on our part it would be a huge contribution to solving the food problems of African countries”, Putin emphasized.

Source: Elcomercio

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