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The teenager who killed his parents and brothers when he was 14 years old and who will never be able to get out of prison

In 2019, Mason Sisk committed a gruesome crime. At 14 years old, he murdered his entire family. Four years later, the Alabama justice system, in USA, has sentenced him to the maximum penalty: life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. He was prosecuted as an adult, despite the Supreme Court’s recommendations for the treatment of this type of case.

Sisknow 18, was sentenced Thursday last week by Limestone County Circuit Judge Chad Wisewho maintained that The crime was “horrible, disturbing and wrapped in absolute evil,” according to the Associated Press agency.

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The younger He killed his parents and three younger brothers in their home in Elkmont, Alabama.on September 2, 2019.

Last April, a jury found guilty Sisk of various positions of capital murder for having shot his father, his stepmother and his younger siblings, including a baby.


The father, Wayne Sisk38 years old, and the adoptive mother, Mary Sisk35, They were found dead in the housealong with his three children: kane6 years old, dawn4 and colson6 months. They were all shot in the head while they slept.

“I have prosecuted a lot of people in my career,” Limestone County District Attorney Brian CT Jones wrote in a statement released to the media after the sentencing. SiskWHNT reported. “AND I can tell you that of all those people, only four out of five scare the hell out of me and he is at the top of my list.”.

“Mason Sisk is clearly one of the most dangerous people ever sentenced in Limestone County,” he added. “With this ruling today, the judge wise has guaranteed that Mason Sisk will NEVER threaten the safety and well-being of another child,” the prosecutor continued.

In Alabamathe greatest punishment for this type of crime is death penalty. But having had Sisk Only 14 years old when he committed the crime, the law prohibits the death penalty from being applied to him.

Even the United States Supreme Court indicates that Life sentences for people who commit crimes under 18 are inappropriateexcept in very isolated cases, and that judges should consider “the lesser guilt of minors and their greater capacity for change,” the AP agency stated.

Mason's father, John Wayne Sisk, and his stepmother, Mary Sisk.  (WHNT News 19).

Mason’s father, John Wayne Sisk, and his stepmother, Mary Sisk. (WHNT News 19).

According to the Alabama Local media, A total of 31 witnesses appeared at the trial in April. Additionally, during the trial, jurors viewed video footage showing Sisk admitting the murders. He said that He carried out the crimes because he was “fed up with all the fighting” in his family.

Regarding the children, he maintained that “they were going through a lot of things.”

Before his confession, Sisk had told police that he was in his basement playing video games when he heard gunshots. and that he then saw a vehicle driving away from his house, the AP reported.

During the trial it was also learned that the teenager had previously tried to harm his stepmother. On one occasion he mixed the woman’s coffee with peanut butter, knowing that she had a severe peanut allergy.

It was also revealed that he had threatened his father, John Sisk, and that I had “anger control” problems. when he was with his three younger brothers.

Additionally, Sisk was accused of stealing two rings from his stepmother, which he later sold, WAAY reported.

Mary Sisk was a special education teacher at Mountain Gap Elementary School in Huntsville.

Before the sentence was announced, the woman’s relatives spoke about the relationship they had with Mason. “You were accepted into our family since you were 4 years old. I remember taking you to play video games and practice basketball. You are in our family photos and that is all we have left to remember our family. An entire family has been lost. I lost my sister. “She loved you and you killed her,” said Douglas Prater, Mary’s brother.

“Mary was about to start a PhD. with four children,” added Mary Sisk’s sister Katie. She stated that she had just met the little boy. colson the day of his funeral.

According to prosecutors, Mason Sisk He had stolen a gun from his grandmother’s house before the murders.

“Mason doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that he’s being accused of murdering his family,” his juvenile probation officer wrote in a November 2020 report. “He has not shown any signs of remorse. While he was detained, he did not speak at all about his family.”

Now, after the sentencing, his attorney, Shay Golden, told WAFF 48 that his client was disappointed: “It’s difficult, he has emotions in his own way, and he doesn’t really have anyone to help him with that… We are confident that we will have a solid appeal,” he said.

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