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United States on Putin’s meeting with Kim Jong-un: “He is begging for help”

USA considered this Monday that the meeting they are going to hold in Russia Vladimir Putin and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-uncan be interpreted as the Russian president being “pleading” helps his counterpart.

We interpret it as him begging for help.“said the spokesperson for the US State Department in a press conference, Matthew Miller.

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This is Kim’s first trip abroad since 2019. The Kremlin today defended that visit and noted that the North Korean leader will arrive at Russia in the coming days.

The presidential spokesperson, Dmitri Peskovstressed that both will probably meet in Vladivostokcapital of Russian Far East.

It doesn’t seem like a social gathering“, Miller ironically, advancing that Washington will watch “very close” the result of that meeting.

Last week “The New York Times” and other Anglo-Saxon media reported that this future meeting between Kim and Putin had military-technical cooperation as its axis of its agenda with an eye toward ukrainian war.

USA has recently reiterated that North Koreawill pay a price in the international community” if it supplies weapons to Russia intended for the war in Ukraine and has asked the country to respect its public commitment that it will not do so.

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As highlighted on September 5 by the White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivansupply weapons to Russia for its offensive “It’s not going to leave North Korea well.”.

Providing weapons to Russia for battlefield use against grain silos and heating infrastructure in major cities as we head into winter to try to conquer another sovereign nation’s territory is not going to look good for North Korea and it will pay a price. therefore in the international community“, said.

Source: Elcomercio

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