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In Rafah, the exit of injured people and people is allowed, but aid is not allowed to enter Gaza

In the terrestrial passage of Rafain between Egypt It is Linkthe entry of humanitarian aid into the Palestinian strip has remained paralyzed since Israel and the Islamic group Hamas Fighting resumed on Friday morning, although Palestinians with foreign passports, citizens of other countries and the injured were allowed to cross over to the Egyptian side.

According to sources from Red Cross Egyptian, the movement of trucks with food, medicine or tankers with fuel, “still detained“, and convoys of vehicles loaded with tons of aid line up”no mobility”On the Egyptian side.

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The government of Egypt has remained silent since yesterday about the situation at the crossing or whether aid will be able to come through again. Link in the coming hours, although with fewer quantities than those that crossed during the truce between Israel It is Hamasit began on November 24 and expired on Friday morning.

Since yesterday, the Egyptian media has also avoided reporting the situation of convoys of aid trucks awaiting authorization to enter the Strip through Rafathe only exit from Gaza not controlled by Israeli army.

Before the humanitarian pause, Israel only allowed a limited number of trucks with food and medicine to reach the Palestinian enclave, after inspection by Israeli authorities at the Al Awja Passbetween Egypt and Israel and about 40 kilometers from Rafah.

According to Palestinian Red CrescentThe main organization in charge of distributing aid arriving from Egypt to Gaza, during the first six days of the truce, around 1,132 trucks entered the enclave, an average of around 188 per day.

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Egyptian state television Al Qahera News said today that 14 injured Palestinians had arrived in Rafah to be transferred by Egyptian ambulances to receive treatment at medical centers in northern Egypt. Sinai.

He also informed the arrival at the crossing, to complete the entry procedures into Egyptian territory, of “groups”of Palestinians with dual nationality and foreign citizens, as well as “several Egyptians in Gaza”, without disclosing further details.

According to sources present at the crossing, a total of 104 injured people and their companions managed to enter Egypt from Gaza on Friday.

Source: Elcomercio

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