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More than 100 dead and 200 injured in Gaza, according to the Strip’s Ministry of Health

More than a hundred people have died and more than two hundred have been injured in the last few hours in different parts of the country. Link due to attacks by Israeli armyThe Ministry of Health reported this Saturday in the Range.

He Al-Aqsa Hospitalin the center of the Palestinian enclave, There were 71 deaths and 160 injuries. in the last 24 hours by Israeli bombings, according to a statement from the ministry, controlled by the Islamic group Hamas.

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In the south of Linkhe Nasser Hospital record 62 dead and 99 injuredaccording to this source.

The ministry called on health organizations operating in the Strip to “establish medical points and mobile clinics”, especially in Khan Yunis It is Rafain the south of the Palestinian enclave, to care for the thousands of displaced people, before “their inability to access health services”.

The situation in medical centers in Link It is “catastrophic”due to lack of fuel to generate electricity or the shortage of minimal medical resources to care for the sick and injured, which caused many health units to be out of service or serving at their limit, as the ministry has been denouncing.

Health warned that these health resources have been attacked by Israel, which in turn considers that the basements and surrounding areas of medical centers in Gaza are used as a hiding place for the military infrastructure of the Islamic group.

The Israeli army tries to control Jan Yuniswhich considers the “bastion”of Hamas in Gaza, in its offensive against Hamas, which continues to increase the number of deaths and injuries by hundreds daily in Palestinian strip

Since the outbreak of the conflict on October 7, in Link There are at least 17,487 confirmed deaths in the enclave, according to the Gaza Ministry of Healthand at least 46,480 injured.

The war broke out after an attack by Hamas for Israel that day, which caused more than 1,200 deaths and the capture of at least 240 people, taken hostage to Gaza.

Internally displaced people in Link There are almost 1.9 million, around 80% of its population of around 2.3 million inhabitantswith a serious humanitarian crisis.

Source: Elcomercio

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